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TOPIC: Sunday Million Hand Contest #25

Sunday Million Hand Contest #25 6 months 4 days ago #1559

  • APAcoach88
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Hey guys,

You all know the deal, best answer regarding this hand gets entry into the Sunday Million in ten days. This hand was played by a student of mine in the Stars.IT main event ($250 Euro buy in)

Blinds 7k/14k

Hero- 440k
UTG- 600k
CO- 620k

UTG raises to 35k, cutoff flats, hero calls in the BB with :a-diamond: :j-diamond:

Flop comes :a-heart: :2-heart: :q-club:

Hero checks, UTG bets 45k, cutoff folds, hero calls.

Turn comes a :3-club: , hero checks, villain bets 89,000. Hero....? Reads were that villain was good/aggressive regular (and hero was perceived as same).

I'd like to know what you think the best play is as well as anything you might have done to play it differently.
Good luck, all!

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Sunday Million Hand Contest #25 6 months 2 days ago #1560

  • Sorakasa
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would call turn even guy opens utg there are some weaker Ax combos in his range, tho all the weaker ones
are suited most likely and he can have either heart or club draw with his top pair. thats just his Ax part of range, there are some Kxs and Qxs stuff he is going to barrel with so we have best hand quite often.

also our perceived range is really capped to 1 pair Ax, Qx, heart draw, KJ, KT and turn 3 aint really helping us at all. so if he is good he is going to continue his whole range on turn to make us fold almost all of those.

pre seems fine dont really want to 3b fold or 3b call with this hand. jamming is deff profitable pre but would flat suited ones. flop seems also pretty s8 forward call.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #25 6 months 1 day ago #1561

  • Dubee
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Whats up guys,

new to the forum also pretty new to poker. Used to play a lot back in the day. But the game changed a lot so i pretty much had to learn everything all over again as im trying to climb back in stakes.
Im playing exclusively MTTs. Yesterday i had my last score with a 3rd place for 52$ in a field of 225 players with a buyin of 2$. So hopefully i will get a shot at the milli with a good answer.

Anyway lets get into the hand.

In general this is an easy call as we are on the top of our BB calling range. If we fold here with top pair second kicker we basically fold all our hands and that is just the wrong play.

Now while i believe calling is the best play here, i believe jamming might have some merit too.
If we have a great read on our opponent we might jam in this spot to get called by a draw and potentially hold for the double up.

All things considered though, the double barrell is pretty worrying. Our read is that villain is a good/aggressive reg. So one might think if he is on a draw type hand, he would mostly check back the turn to control the pot.

But he decides to bet once more so i think we should have an easy call, and make a decision on the river and mostly try to get the hand to a cheap showdown and hopefully take it down.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #25 6 months 23 hours ago #1562

  • DrakeM
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According to the amount of chips of the players compared to the blinds, I assume this hand was played in early/mid of the tournament.

Especially early on, the alarm bells should ring if UTG raises 2,5BB. In this position, you usually only raise like that with a very strong hand and you should only call/raise if you believe your hand to be stronger and in this case I doubt we do, so I guess I would have folded preflop here.

I also think the 45k call after flop was the worst decision here. Either fold (what I had done preflop in this hand) or put him All-In if you really think he got nothing or worse than Ace pair.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #25 5 months 4 weeks ago #1563

  • patval22
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Hello, I was once a VIP trainee of coach RedAirkson but sad to say I wasn't mature enough by that time and I knew I let him down. I am sorry coach. Hehe

Anyways, let's get back to the hand. The read is good/aggre player just like Hero. It says here that the blinds are 7k/14k. So the total blinds would be 21k. UTG raises 35k. Isn't that over betting your hand pre? So I am thinking UTG might have big hand. Because I am a pretty conservative player I would have folded pre OOP OR I would have 3bet. 3betting pre might even help me save more money here.

But let's just say I got into this hand. UTG PFR 35k and cbet 45k out of around 112k pot. I don't want to flat call here.Flat calling flop would not give us info. I wouldve raised flop. Reraising turn would be my move here. If he raises it's an easy fold.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #25 5 months 3 weeks ago #1564

  • tuccs17
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Hello guys, I new to the forum but I will try to do my best :)
I think hero played the hand good preflop because it is a good hand to flat even that villian opened UTG, we have good suited broadway cards in BB especially against his range. Flop is a little dangerous but we can still be ahead of his range, calling is the best play, if we check raise for info he will fold worse hands and reraise better hands so we should just call and keep him in the hand and let him bluff on the turn if he decides to double barrel. Turn puts two possible flush draws and when he bets again I think we can still call but I would rather check/shove because if we call and the river brings one of the flushes then it will be a tough spot to just check/call and if we are wrong we will have very few blinds left, so giving the stacks sizes I would rather shove on the turn. We don't know of course how often he double barrels, and if he does it with Axs or KQs, or maybe he checks does hands some times on the turn but giving the fact that he is aggro I expect to have some semibluffs like J10s, KJs KQs or Axs in his range or even more like 8 9s 9 10s and he decided to double barrel to make us fold a better hand because we are capped with hands like Ax and flushes. Even though his opening UTG I think some times aggro players will have hands like this in their range. Ugly spot but I rather choose the easy way then to put myself in a difficult spot on the river and not know what to do because if we call the turn then I really think that we have to call the river bet :)
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