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TOPIC: Sunday Million Hand contest #20

Sunday Million Hand contest #20 1 year 5 months ago #1482

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Hey guys! You all know the drill, best answer wins! The following hand was played by a friend of mine a couple days ago, deep in the $1500 WSOP Millionaire Maker tournament.

Blinds 1500/3000

Villain: 110k
Hero: 300k+

Small blind opens to 7,000, Hero 3 bets in BB to 21,000 with KK. Villain (SB) flats. Flop AQ4, villain checks, hero bets 12.5k, villain check raises to 26k. Hero calls. Turn is a 5, villain shoves for 70k. Hero....?

What should hero do in this spot; explain your answer in context of what we expect from the villain's value range as well as his bluffing range. (also focus on villains' ranges preflop to flat the 3bet)

Good luck!

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Sunday Million Hand contest #20 1 year 5 months ago #1483

In my opinion, I would put the Villain :evil: in an Ace or two pair.

Because of how he play.

First the Villain :evil: raise x2.5 the blinds preflop, with any 2 cards of course or probably Ace High.
Then he flat call to see the flop, maybe he scared to shove because of the 3bet by BB. And just want to see the flop cheaper.
Then the turn comes, Villain :evil: check raises Hero with ONLY double. It probably means that the Villain :evil: wants Hero to call/pot committed.
Villain :evil: would probably have an Ace or two pair, Because he check raises the flop,then shoves the turn.
The Villain :evil: would not bluff the Hero in this situation because of his stack size. He is covered by Hero.
Again, the Villain :evil: could have an Ace or two pair.
So my answer is, I will not call the 70k on the turn with just a pair.
Even if the Villain :evil: is bluffing here, the Hero would still save 70k. And there is no shame in folding.

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Sunday Million Hand contest #20 1 year 5 months ago #1484

  • DrakeM
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Villains SB bet of less than 2.5BB could mean anything. Since there is no information how Villain played before, it could be a cheap attempt to steal our BB or, if we encountered him before and he has seen us play, it could be a trap for us to defend our BB against his monster hand. Guessing about his hand range at this point makes no sense to me.

With blinds of 1500/3000, his flat call of our 21.000 reraise tells us some more. If he had a real monster hand, he would rather reraise our 21.000 instead of just calling. Since this hand was played deep in the tournament, I would expect that move with TT-QQ or AT-AK.

With this hand range and our pocket kings, the flop of AQ4 is pretty dangerous. If Villain has QQ or an Ace, he beats us.

Hero's first mistake is his next bet of 12,5k with 42k in the pot, which is not enough. With a bet of around 20-25k, Hero would show strength, while he could camouflage his probe bet as continuation bet.

Hero's second mistake is calling Villains 26k raise. With Villains hand range shown above, Hero should definitely have folded at this point.

After the 5 in the turn, scenario says that Villain shoves in 70k. According to my calculation, Villain has only 63k (110k-21k-26k) left at this point and if he shoves 63k in, it would be an All-In.

If Hero hasnt folded before, he should definitely fold now.
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Sunday Million Hand contest #20 1 year 4 months ago #1485

  • TheOldNight
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Hi there,

I would fold this hand and just wait for a better opportunity. I think Villain has an Ace and even if he doesn't, he has already established a positional advantage over us and put us in huge risk position in which we can only act with a hand that we are confident in, and I don't think K/K is a hand worth risking 110k over it, in position we are. Let's say he really thought that K/K was still a winning hand after the flop, he made a huge mistake not re-raising villain for more information and that's what lead him into this crappy position where fold is only reasonable option in my opinion.

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Sunday Million Hand contest #20 1 year 4 months ago #1486

Hello I am from the Ukraine .. Here I got when I played the tournament tell me whether I played ...
It's me storo08 (BB): 920
olelemaiko (SB): 580

olelemaiko posts SB 20, storo08 posts BB 40
Pre Flop: (pot: 60) storo08 has :t-heart: :9-heart:
olelemaiko calls 20, storo08 checks
Flop: (80, 2 players) :8-heart: :7-heart: :k-club:
storo08 checks, olelemaiko bets 60, storo08 calls 60
Turn: (200, 2 players) :5-diamond:
storo08 checks, olelemaiko bets 120, storo08 calls 120

River: (440, 2 players) :t-diamond:
storo08 checks, olelemaiko bets 360 and is all-in, storo08 calls 360

olelemaiko shows :k-heart: :k-spade:

storo08 shows :t-heart: :9-heart:
olelemaiko wins 1,160

tell me whether I played this hand
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Sunday Million Hand contest #20 1 year 4 months ago #1487

hello there, for me trying to understand the action between villain and hero, i think that villain has an :a-club: :a-heart: or :q-diamond: :q-club: and trying to trap the big stacks. coz in 1500/3000 blinds and in front of him is a big stack with 100BB, betting in a early position(SB) below 2.5 bb is almost a donation to his opponent unless he have a monster. now Hero 3bets in BB to 21000 and flat call from villain(SB). then flop comes
AQ4. villain (SB) check, is the right move when you are trying to trap and get a lot of chips. then Hero
bet 12.5k , 12.5k is too very low bet for that pot ,atleast 65-70% of the pot is better. now from villain.that weak move is the time that he is waiting for. villain reraise to 26k and its like almost double the bet of Hero(BB),and the sized of the that bet is according to villain plan,still to get some chips. Hero call the 26k. turn is a 5.villain shoves for 70k. and thats the great aggressive move, representing your stength in the table. it doesnt matter if he calls or fold. thats the bottomline. now for Hero, the best way for that situation is to free the king from his hand ,fold it. after all he still have a good stack. going to other side of that scenario, let say villain is bluffing, we cannot comment on that because it depend on the continues flow and the momentum of the game to do that such a bluff. in Hero side if villain was bluffing, and the action of the game is that, hero will still in behind in that ,coz he let villain takeover his starting 3 bet moves :\
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