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TOPIC: Sunday Million Hand Contest #19

Sunday Million Hand Contest #19 1 year 6 months ago #1460

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Hey guys, you know the drill, best answer gets entry into an upcoming $215 Sunday Million on Pokerstars! First I want to say, that the winners MUST post results after the completion of the tournament, I noticed the last two contest winners didn't do this. We'd like to share the experience with the other members, as well as discuss bust out/difficult hands. Having said that, lets move on to this week's contest!

We're going to switch it up this week! The following is a scenario that has multiple options:

Blinds are 500/1000 with a 200 ante. Action folds to the hero on the button w 33,000 chips (33bbs), the SB has 17,000 (17bb) and the BB has 18,000 (18bb). Rank your options from 1-5 (with #1 being the BEST, and #5 being the WORST) while also explaining WHY?

A- Shove
B- Fold
C- Limp
D- Raise and fold to a shove
E- Raise and call a shove

Best of luck and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Sunday Million Hand Contest #19 1 year 6 months ago #1465

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(A play for a top tier hands like High pocket pairs or A/K's, basically you just want him to shove)
(Hand is good enough take a pot with, tho it's not necessarily the best hand to be in a multi-way pot with. You hope to take blinds or get 1on1 action, Mid Range Pairs, K/J K/Q A/J ect. )
(A hand with some potential like J/9, Q/10, Small pocket pair ect.. You really want to see a flop before making any further decisions, certainly not a good hand for a raise.)
(Option for a weak hand, not my favorite one.)
(The worst option in my opinion with such a high blinds compared to players stack sizes, it just sounds like uncertainty , and that exact opposite of where you want to be in this stage of a tournament. *Bottom line = you want to be certain in a stage where every mistake can cost you a lot)
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #19 1 year 6 months ago #1466

#1 Raise and call a shove
Raising with BIG Hands (AK, AQ, Any Pairs), and calling a shove is the main goal here.
Raising with good cards (Ace high, King high, suited connectors), and calling a shove is still a good idea,
Because you still have a chance to win (flip coin).

#2 Shove
Also shoving with any good cards is a good idea (Ace high, King high, Pairs, suited connectors, etc.),
by doing this shove, there is a high possibility that opponent would fold and you could steal the pot. Unless he has a (Big Pairs, AK or AQ) that is most UNLIKELY to happen.

#3 Limp
Limping with any BIG hands is quite a bad idea in this position OBVIOUSLY.
But limping with good cards is good because you could at least see the FLOP.

#4 Fold
Folding any good cards such as (Ace high, King high, Pairs, suited connectors, etc.) is a BAD idea here.
You could at least raise any good cards in this late position, especially if the action is folded to you.

#5 Raise and fold to a shove
This is the WORST play, a raise and a fold?
Obviously, If you are going to RAISE with good cards, meaning you are also ready to engage to call.
And with this stack size. It is quite easy to call if they going to shove.
Even if you lose the pot you still have chips left.
SO there is NO way you should FOLD.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #19 1 year 6 months ago #1467

  • Sorakasa
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since it dont say any stats for blinds will assume its neither complete fish nor really tight but something
between and push/fold/calling somewhat correct. also it dont say anything about icm pressure so lets forget that. there is no exact hand so lets try and break it for ranges.

1. raise calling

raise calling range will look something like this vs std reg
if we only raise call with nuts (say top 4-6%) regs will pick that up fast and it becomes really exploitable and
we also will end up opening way too tight.

2. Shove

could open shove here profitable really wide, around 34-36% but for part of our range its really far from optimal. some hands
we can mr-call, mr-fold making way more chips. would prolly shove hands that plays bad post or are tough to play when blinds
flat but gives over 1k chips ev

3. Limp
not huge fan of limping here since both blinds can shove 100% profitable when we do so but since most of ppl wont jam 100% we could limp fold, limp jam some part of our range. cant see myself limp calling much anything with these stack sizes unless have some solid reads that blinds are jamming vs limp 17-18bb. could limp jam or call 2-3bb raise with some suited stuff that are just negative from open jamming

4. raise folding

since we should open quite wide here and we are calling wide, we should also have somekind of folding range. problem with this is that it needs to be at really good balance with our raise calling ranges or villains will get 100% jamming chance again or if we have too small raise folding range it comes really exploitable that we are opening too tight from button and blinds can get away gifting chips for us.

5. Fold

this is the last option IMO, how much we fold depends totally who are sitting on blinds. it can vary between 60-0%by folding there is no chance to gain any chips.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #19 1 year 6 months ago #1468

  • crackku
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A- Shove -4-Ax+,Kx+,Qx+,Jx+,medium pokets or small
B- Fold -5-small offsuited gapped cards(38,510 type of cards)
C- Limp -3-small suited connectors and small pairs
D- Raise and fold to a shove -1-i will raise here with my 60% of my range -they are pretty deep here and i think they will shove not that light(that depends tho on style of player)
E- Raise and call a shove -2-scenario where i raise with my good hands and do very well on showdown 7%-10% range
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #19 1 year 6 months ago #1469

  • dreamy
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1.Raise and call a shove.
As we are on BTN and the Blinds players both have 17-18bb, they will shove with a wide range such as QT and even 89s. I will open and call a shove with A9+ KJ+ TT+.

When we have a good hand, but we dont want to showdown for a coinflip, such as JT 99- or more preflop good equity hands, I will directly shove, so opps can fold QJ KT A4 and even 89s. We dont want to call a 3bet shove with 66 and lose a coinflip to 9Js, and sometimes, we can win a nice pot with JT when they call us with 88 or AK.

3.raise and fold to a shove
to some weak fish opps, we can open a wide range for blind stealing, they always flat preflop and fold to a flop cbet when no hit. when they shove preflop, they always have a strong hand, so we cant call it with some range in (1) such as AT.

For range balance, we cant open every BTN, so we can fold some hands with no equity, such as J3, 46, and 27.

I never choose limp as it's the worst choice. we cant win preflop, we must fold to a shove when we have weak, and we give the BB a free flop when we have strong. If BB hit a good flop, we cant read his range and often lose a big pot with our KK.
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