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TOPIC: Sunday Million Hand Contest #17

Sunday Million Hand Contest #17 1 year 8 months ago #1392

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Hi APA veterans and new poker giants-in-the-making,

After a 6-month hiatus - caused by several reasons, but mainly due to the APA site being under DoS hacks - we are back with our APA SUNDAY MILLION HAND CONTEST woohooo :woohoo:

Hope you all enjoy this hand and good luck taking first this contest down and then the Sunday Million on Pokerstars !! (that its really worth your time we chosen the 10 Mio Guaranteed Sunday Million, held on March 20 for this hand contest :))

This hand was once again provided by APA Coach and MTT savage Grayson

You all know the drill, best answer gets entry into the Sunday Million on March 20, where 10 Million US$ are guaranteed!!

The following hand happened at a WPT Deepstacks $1,100 Main Event.

Blinds 75/150

Hero opens to 400 with :k-heart: :k-diamond: . SB (a passive fish) flats. BB (late 30's white male who had 3b me twice before but seemed amateurish) 3b's to 1,125.

Action back to hero who 4 bets to 3,050. Fish folds, BB calls quickly. Flop :j-spade: :6-club: :7-diamond: , BB checks, Hero bets 4k into just under 7k, BB calls.

Turn is :a-heart: (completing rainbow board), BB checks, Hero checks.

River is :5-club: , BB waits 3 seconds, and bets 9,000 into a pot of ~ 15,000. We have 18k total...what's our play and why?

*Hint* - Focus on BB's value AND bluff ranges to take such a unique line.

GL all!

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Sunday Million Hand Contest #17 1 year 8 months ago #1393

  • DrakeM
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So, Hero opens to 400 (Seat Unknown) with Pocket Kings, apparently amateurish Villain 3b's to 1.125, Hero reraises to 3.050 and gets called quickly. Before I start writing anything else, I'd like to say:

Even if he 3b several times before, a supposed amateur calling such a preflop reraise quickly makes my eyebrows rise :)

Lets see: When someone 3b's and calls a 4bet afterwards, Id expect a pretty strong hand like KK+, maybe QQ. Considering the amateur part, maybe also AT-AK, KT-KQ. Since we represent a strong hand with the open and an even stronger hand with the 4bet, I doubt that he calls with pocket pairs.

Flop is :j-spade: :6-club: :7-diamond: which is pretty good for us, since the only one of the anticipated hands beating us right now is AA. The danger of a possible flush draw is very low on the flop and becomes irrelevent on the turn. Hero goes on with a decent continuation bet to build the pot, Villain calls.

What does this call tell us? Even if he appears amateurish, I dont think he would call unless he either really has AA and is slowplaying us, or he has AJ or KJ, which would be top pair with A/K kicker. Whichever cards of those it is, at least one Ace is getting more and more likely.

The :a-heart:, however, is like the worst case to happen in such a position. Villain holding a KJ may still be possible, but from now on, if we really do consider an Ace to be likely, check/fold would save us a lot of chips.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #17 1 year 8 months ago #1394

  • Egiokass
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I think dude had a "Pocket Rockets" (AA) and he was just slow playing (traping)a hero as long as he could, therefore my decision would be to fold.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #17 1 year 8 months ago #1395

  • TheOldNight
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I think BB is dominant in this hand, the way he played his hand makes me think he has flipped trips. I personally would fold this hand, without having a much of doubt. In general I think that Pair of kings is just not good enough hand to risk major amount of your stack this early in a tournament.

If I had to put him on a hand, I would go with: Pair of Jacks

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Sunday Million Hand Contest #17 1 year 8 months ago #1396

I think he has AK , wouldnt put him on AA. Depends on his 3 bet range. Usually AK 3 bet. Cant really do nothing on the turn. If you really think he has a Ax folding will be best here. Maybe I would bet bigger on flop , or shove flop for value. Villain calling flop looks strange too QQ unless he has AJ.

Folding here, u still have chips to play SSS

The river bet seem like villain likes his hand.

Probably stabbing the pot on the turn be better. Now villain dont put u on a Ax . trying to buy the pot.
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Sunday Million Hand Contest #17 1 year 8 months ago #1397

i changed my writing.

I have a information that opponent 3bet 2times and doesnt looks like a pro. And he called us 4bet.

that kind of person likes connect numbers. like 56 89 76. maybe he gona fold aj or ax in 4bet pot.
so he may be 56 89 76, that kind of hand. hero bet flop he obv call for developing. he checked tun, hero checked in turn. Now, he can probably think u dont have aa.. after that river came 5. which means helpful his range. connecting numbs 67 89 56. and he saw u checked turn. so he can bet river for value.
the bet was kinda big which he try looks like bluff.

so he had 2pair
like 56

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