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case study, JJ OOP vs wide range
3 weeks 4 days ago

Hand Facts Fish (HJ) deep Aggro (CO) deep Hero (SB) 17800: :j-club: :j-spade: Pre [300]: all fold to HJ call 200, CO raise to 800, SB call, BB fold, HJ call Flop [2600]: :9-spade: :5-spade: :3-spade: : SB bet 2000, HJ fold, CO call Turn [6600]: :q-heart: : SB check, CO bet 4000, SB call River [14600]: :3-diamond: SB...

New Fishy Poker Room !
1 month 1 week ago

Start this new year with the right pick of rooms ! Enjoy some of the most juicy online games on Poker Monster, exclusively distributed by Asia Poker Academy. Poker Monster is part of a leading Chinese play money platform and it is now available to foreign players courtesy of APA ! Many weak and...

> Re: Sunday Million Hand Contest #16
5 months 2 weeks ago

Hey guys. I finished the Sunday Million on August the 23rd in place 1012. My stack was about 45k when I encoutered several bad beats, followed by a guy who finished me with a made set of 10s. Payoff started in place 720 so I was pretty close to give you guys something in return, but the Poker Gods...