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Relocating to CEBU Philippines
14 hours 30 minutes ago

Hey Guys! how are you! I am an online poker player/student/lawyer I am originally from Bolivia (south America) but I have been living in Macau for the past 5 years for work and academic reasons, within this time period I was fortunate enough to meet Eldo and Dandi which introduced me to the world of...

Beware ! Scammers black list
1 day 1 hour ago

Asia Poker Academy in cooperation with other forums and poker sites will keep up to date a list of proven online and live poker scammers in order to protect the community and contribute to making the environment of the game we all love safer ! If you wish to contribute to updating this list please...

> Re: Need a backer to stake me in Macao
2 days 18 minutes ago

I'm originally from Canada. I have HK ID so I could stay in Macau for as long as I want at the moment unless Macau suddenly changes the law for HK citizen to stay in Macau. I usually play 25/50 when I still had bankroll to play because that is the lowest limit here. I could beat 25/50 on a regular...