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> Re: The Sunday Million Hand Contest - #4
7 minutes ago

Great replies guys! Alot of great minds at In the end though chester73 got the closest to what I was looking for on what to do on all the various cards presented. Good luck in the Sunday Million chester73 and thanks again to everyone's in-depth responses. Cheers :)

> Re: Freeroll: Bankroll Builder on Poker Stars
9 hours 7 minutes ago

Quote: The next APA Bankroll Builder Freeroll will take place on Saturday the 26th of July @ 13:00 GMT ! Enjoy ! Hello my nickname on pokerstars 4arod I'm from Russia too Asia,play poker for a couple of years but online recently,I very like MTT tournaments

> Re: Road to PLO
1 day 8 hours ago

Hello Panulay, Hope your still grinding PLO as i appreciate this response is kinda late. First bit of advice i would give you, is dont purge your hands! PLO is a tough game and therefore is takes thousands of hands to truely learn the game and identify leaks. The bigger the database you can build,...